Airport Equipment

Ground Support Equipment

For smooth operation of airport and passengers, we are supplying remarkable Ground Support Equipment (GSE) for aviation logistic solution. We are able to fulfill our customers’ requirements with a complete range of simple, reliable, and easy-to-maintain Ground Support Equipment (GSE).

The product design is consistently maintained to the highest standards and adapted to requirements of customers. Range of products are:

  • Tractor Lines
  • Cargo Lines
  • Cabin Lines
Aviation Rescue & Fire Fighting System

As we value our aviation and civil safety services, Grandeur International is taking a part of responsibilities by supplying various types of high-tech Rescue & Fire Fighting Systems which is one of the most essential facilities for aviation industry.

Aircraft Refueling System

We are able to supply all the refueling systems compliant with all international standards by custom configurations. Our refuellers are fulfilling every need of refueling operation for modern logistic system of petroleum industry.

Gas System for Aircraft

Air solution system for purification and generation of Oxygen and Nitrogen, purity up to 99.9%, is also part of our airport equipment product line.

Material Handling Equipment

The products we supply for MHE solution are one of the leading logistic brands around the globe. Easy access, simple operation, and robust build are the benefits our customer will get from choosing our MHE products. We have a wide range of Forklift, Loading Dock, and Dock Level which can be customized to your requirements for warehouse management. In addition, we can also provide various kinds of comprehensive Overhead Crane Systems for lifting solutions as well.

Machineries & Spares

We also specialize in supplying both of brand new and reconditioned machineries of Earth Moving, Road & Bridge Construction, Concrete Machinery, Transport Machinery, Workshop Machinery, Air Compressor, Power Generating Set for inland & marine use, Multifunctional Drilling Rig and all the relevant spare parts.

Commodities & General

Beside our business line of supplying machineries & equipment, our company’s product portfolio diversified to trading commodities and general products such as Milk Powder, Non-Dairy Creamer, Palm Oil, Lube-based Oil & Additive, Steel Sheet Pile, Steel Strand, and so on.